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Psychic Love Specialist Relationship Repair Expert


If you’re looking for an authentic Psychic, you’ve come to the right place!

About Me


My name is Psychic Elaine. I have been successfully working with my clients for over 30 years. It is my passion to help you solve the problems you may be facing. I have mastered the many spiritual steps it takes to achieve the powerful psychic intuitive skills that help my clients through their most challenging situations. My readings, spells, services and intuitive gifts help create harmony and balance.

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Love Specialist


You are not alone. I have dedicated myself to helping those experiencing difficult times. I help couples restore their relationships. Help reunite lovers, help reconnect Soulmates. Guidance to help mend broken relationships, powerful methods to help lead couples towards more passion, love, commitment. I use ancient proven methods that have been handed down to me through generations.

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Spiritual Healing


Using the deepest methods of prayer and meditation my work has been known to nourish your mind, body and soul. I can help you overcome obstacles, help remove negativity and help release stress. The aura is the spiritual component that surrounds the body, which can extend outward up to six feet. My aura cleansing service can help lighten your aura and in turn may help bring more passion to your life.

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We provide multiple Spa Services :


I am so glad that I made the decision to call you! Your energy and insight is very uplifting and your readings are always on point!! You already feel like a good friend to me. Thank you for everything.